About Me

About Frosted Envy

Have you wondered how flavours came to be, how intrepid combinations can explode your palette? Embark with me on this colourful, scented, frosted journey to explore vivid tastes and reach exhilarating experiences.
Being an Indian welcomed me into the world of tastes, colour, smell, and textures. Currently having lived in Paris for 5 years, I have learnt to appreciate and understand subtle notes, soft flavours and pastel colours. One of the best parts of living in a gastronomical paradise like France, is that you have access and the ability to experience one of world's most enriching offerings.

Today when I think of the different experiences I have had - right from eating crickets in Mexico to tasting camel's, horse's and yak's milk in Kazakhstan, I think there is nothing quite like a warm plate of good ol' homemade Indian food!
Some people are born cooks, they have that inner innate ability to bring out the best in whatever they make and everywhere we look around us, we see food influencing our lives. I am more of a Dessert cook, and I love baking, trying out insane sounding combinations and wanting to prove my skills in the toughest desserts. My dream is:
° Own a DSLR
° To learn how to take pictures professionally
° To set up a food photography studio
° To pursue the professional course at Le Cordon Bleu
° To start a bakery

And all this with a smile :)

Thanks for visiting and going through my mental writing