Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Beginning

This first post marks the beginning of journey that I trust will take me new heights.. To venture into the realms of baking and more so, creating cupcakes.
Cupcakes: the current rage, the ubercool food to be seen eating and treating, the revolution of food mania.
I have been contemplating of pursuing a passion, an urge to do something creative and feel the excitement and zest to be good at the art of baking. With the birth of the cupcake renaissance comes my fervent desire to make them, bake them and most of all to FROST them to perfection. Noted this will not be as easy eating these divine treats, as constraints like work and my travel schedules and not to forget limited resources and miniature spaces in Paris will take away most of the patience and energy I can muster, but I am confident that this process is going to be fun and fruitful!

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