Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Macaron Quest

Macarons what are they all about? If we thought cupcakes were bite sized pieces of heaven, then macarons could be labelled on the same lines, although I would say they are a tad more refined. It's maybe because the French are so fussy about this delicacy, and they have the right to be, as making it is an art, and eating it shows you the world of taste & pleasure.
Paris, the land of food, fashion & follies is home to some of the finest party houses, the foundations for the exquisite food culture in this city. Ladurée with their magnificent tea room on Champs Elysées, Pierre Hermé of the Fauchon fame and now has his elegant collection  in a few corners of the city - these institutions have nutured the tastes and guarded tradition yet experimented with diffused falvours and wonderful concotions when it comes to these teeny mouthfuls.
My interest for making these delectable piece of food and art came about when my friend Xavier mentioned of trying to make them at home! Of course, he did not succeed, and nor did I!
Making macarons is tougher than I thought, or even imagined. I had read a dozen blogs, seen many a videos as well, hoping that the magic of making them would descend down on me! But nope,nothing could measure up to what every one prepared me for.
So, for now, my quest for getting the macaron right is still on!

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