Friday, May 14, 2010

Rose Macaron With Raspberry and Litchi

Well well, what can I say, I’ve been busy.. And Lazeee :)

But, but, but. I did write the enormously long post for the Basic Macaron Recipe. It took me ages, as I wanted to write so many small fine details that have helped me along the way to make good macarons.
The Rose Raspberry and Litchi Macaron are inspired from Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan Macaron, but of course I am sure his would be far superior.. Or maybe not!
Follow the basic macaron recipe and add a few drops of rose essence and some pretty pink colour (btw I hate PINK!).
The filling is very super easy..

The Raspberry Litchi Filling
12 Litchis (canned or fresh)
100 g fresh (frozen will do as well) raspberries
75 g white chocolate (chopped)
50 ml cream

• Chop finely the litchis and place in a pan with the mulled raspberries.
• Add the cream and white chocolate, and cook on a low flame till the chocolate has melted.
• Bring to a boil, reduce flame, cook for 15 minutes on low flame or till the mixture thickens.
• Once cooled, store in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or till it thickens and is a spreadable consistency.

Le GO Final
Use generous portions of the filling to sandwich two same sized macaron shells.


  1. Your macarons are so pretty; good work! But you are very lucky to be living in Paris because if your macarons don't turn out you can pop into Pierre Herme's and grab a box :) I'm so jealous!

  2. Hiya
    Thanks for the compliment, and indeed I am lucky to live. But to tell you honestly, I have never been to PH, but I guess I will do that soon :)